Announcement re Coronavirus: 29 June 2020

To all members of the Committee, Members, and friends of the Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria,

Just when we thought that there was a possibility for us to have our first collective General Meeting at CSTC, the ‘ok by Council’ given towards end of last week, the expectation of a relaxation or easing of the Victorian Covid-19 Restrictions, then ‘the weekend of 19th/20th June. We had been looking at temporary alternative location that would cope with at least 25 persons and comply with the social distancing requirements of the Covid Restrictions for the next meeting. Just so that we could have a ‘gathering’.

There has always been the threat of if there is a spike, or ‘second wave’ we could face the potential for specific suburban area lockdown. And what happens, a reduction in the number of persons permitted in internal spaces: we take one step forward and two steps back. No, it is not a dance step. As the longer term members would know, I don’t & can’t dance. Shuffle is more like it. But this is what we face, ‘the cards are dealt’, and we see what is possible – outside activity in controlled arrangement is possible, so lets try to make the most of it, within the Vic. Govt Covid Restrictions constraints.

We won’t analyse or speculate why specific suburban areas became prone to so many cases; let others do this. It is bad to see the resurgence of ‘panic buying’ in specific items throughout many suburbs, there is no need for this behaviour at all.

The recent ‘downtime’ we have all had in March to May appears to have opened a yearning to escape to activities, looking at the planned trips section we are starting to see the return of more weekend trips in the coming months – take advantage of them and participate if you are able to. Bring an element of normality in a currently challenging and changing time.

All of the Committee look forward to the opportunity to be able to say “meeting will be at CSTC” in hopefully the near future. It will be a ‘welcome back’ affair.

Remember, stay safe,

Mark Tyssen