Announcement re Coronavirus: 26 March 2020


To all members of the Committee, Members, and friends of the Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria,

As most of you already aware, the PM announced more drastic measures on Tuesday night (24th March 2020) to shut down lots of activities to fight the spread of COVID-19 - Stage 2 restrictions in movement & business activity.

At this stage, in consultation with the Committee, I will cancel our General Meeting this coming Tuesday 31st March 2020: as RTTF is part of RSC in Ringwood, all schools were closed from 8am Tuesday 24th March, and venue of South Camberwell Tennis Club also now closed due to the Stage 2 restrictions recently put in place (evening 24th March) by both the Federal & State Governments. 

Also with the closing of the borders of all states by all State Governments means that the proposed trips of Border Trip is now considered cancelled, as is all travel between states. 

All domestic travel for the Club, & individuals, is also restricted under the Federal & State Government imposed restrictions. This means all Club trips are also cancelled for April & May, due to 'social distancing' requirements of stage 2 restrictions. 

At this stage, it is possible that the April and May General Meetings could also be cancelled, depending on duration of imposed Government restrictions. 

Martin & I will provide an update when closer to the time, or if there is an easing of restrictions to re-engage Club activities, or if the April General meeting will also need to be cancelled.

It is possible 'stage 3' restrictions could be enforced in the next week. 

If that is the case, the Committee maybe considering 'meeting' via Video Conference (VC) [eg Zoom], via WhatsApp, or be at a venue where we can be 1.5m to 2 metres apart.

We will continue our discussion for issues by email, WhatsApp group or if required via VC. 

If there's any matter that need the Committee's decision, kindly let Martin and I know and we can decide if that is an urgent matter or not to take action.

Thank you for your understanding especially in this difficult time for Australia.

As most members are aware, I work at a GP Medical Clinic as its Practice Manager, and with that in mind, please wash your hands according to the attached process. Hand cleanliness is the one biggest method of reducing infection. Soap & water are more effective than alcohol rub sanitisers. 

The March Magazine/Newsletter will also be published this month, but it may be a little late.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Strong. Stay Connected & Support Each Other.


Mark Tyssen