What a year! | 2015

What a year! Looking back on 2015, we’ve enjoyed a great array of trips and events with club members and visitors. We went to:

  • Mt Samaria State Park/Tolmie
  • Toolangi
  • Tasmania
  • Jamie’s place (a couple of times)
  • Explore Australia Expo
  • Jamieson (Knockwood)
  • Yarra Valley Lodge
  • Lake Mungo & Menindee Lakes
  • Brisbane Ranges
  • Lerderderg & Wombat State Forests
  • The Border Track… to name just a few. 

We’ve been everywhere (man!). It’s been a very successful year with new trip leaders also stepping up to take on the important leadership role on our club trips. Thank you to everyone who made it a truly successful (but most importantly) fun year!    

Now enjoy the 'year in review' crammed into just over 3 minutes...



Explore Australia Expo | 29, 30 & 31 May, 2015

Our club received an invitation to hold a stand at the recent Explore Australia Expo at the Melbourne Showgrounds. We jumped at the opportunity to showcase our club and activities. Thanks to the great participation from dedicated members who assisted in setting up our stand and talking with prospective members about what our club does, we've since received a large number of enquiries and membership applications!  

The stand looked great across all three days with our impressively modified Brumby (affectionately known as 'Suboo') on the stand. It received a lot of attention. Also on the stand was our later model Forester. Under the gazebo, we showed videos of our trips and talked with prospective members about the various types of trips we run and activities we get involved in - from volunteering to social meal and movie nights through to easy touring trips and long, challenging outback and high country four wheel drive trips.

While we had only Subarus on the stand, it's important to note that we welcome all types of vehicles to apply to join our club. For more information, head to the Membership page.

Explore Australia Expo Explore Australia Expo
Explore Australia Expo Explore Australia Expo
Explore Australia Expo Explore Australia Expo


Licola Sign Installation | 13 & 14 December, 2014

Our club members spent the weekend of 13 & 14 December installing tourist information and remote driving tips signs in the township of Licola.  An initiative of Four Wheel Drive Victoria (FWDV) and funded by the Department of Transport, the signs show directions from Licola to various key destinations within the Victorian high country.  One of the signs also highlights important four wheel driving and remote travel tips for those heading into the area.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the usual installation staff were unable to do the job and FWDV, the Wellington Shire and the Department of Transport were keen for them to be completed before the peak Christmas tourist season.  The Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria were invited to assist and jumped at the opportunity to spend a weekend installing the signs for this beautiful region frequently visited by our club.

There are four sites:

  • Site 1 - Jamieson-Licola Road (heading out of town, towards Jamieson) -- this sign shows distances to Jamieson and various points of interest along the way;
  • Sites 2 & 3 - Tamboritha Road (heading north, towards Tamboritha) -- these signs show distances to Billy Goat Bluff, Wonnangatta Station and various points of interest along the way;
  • Site 4 - Tamboritha Road (heading north, towards Tamboritha) -- this sign shows important preparation advice, travelling and safety tips/reminders for those heading into the remote and sometimes challenging high country region of Victoria

We would like to thank the Licola community who looked after us with wonderful hospitality as we completed the installation.  We had a great time assisting the community improve what is already a fantastic 4WD and touring destination.  We anticipate that the signs will be very helpful for those heading through the area in the future.  Visit Licola to check them out soon!