Brisbane Ranges 16th August 2015


By Edith Fullalove

The weather really turned it on for us on our first trip as leaders. Our day started with some of us having breakfast or morning tea at The Jolly Miller.

We then meet at the Gell Street parking to go over convoy procedures and order. Peter and I would like to especially thank Stephen for his help in this endeavour. It was a great way also for some of our new members and visitors who were on their first trip to also learn.

We headed south out of Bacchus Marsh towards the Brisbane Ranges. Upon entering The Brisbane Ranges National Park we hit the dirt roads. As you descend into the area which has the Little River Picnic Area if you looked up you could see the big house on the hill which would have amazing views.

Heading towards Stony Creek Picnic Area you are given great views over the valley and the You Yang’s. There is even a small area to park and get out and have a look. As we were a big group some of us didn’t stop, but continued onto the Stony Creek Picnic Area. We stopped for a quick break, cuppa and chat and then continued on our way to explore the United Albion Goldmine where we even manage a group shoot. Thanks Meredith.


Group Shot in the old Gold Mine

From the Goldmine we headed to our lunch spot at the Fridays Creek Campground. Lunch was a time of learning; CB radios were one of the topics discussed and lots of socialising. It was nice to spend a bit of time to get to know some of our newer members. Bonnets where up with lots of show and tell happening.


A good turn out for this trip

After lunch we headed towards Steiglitz. We arrived at the historical township where we got to explore this lovely old gold mining township. The main attraction is the old Courthouse (built in 1874) which is open from 2-4 pm only on Sunday. We had about an hour and a half to wonder around and see the old cottages and my favourite place where the library once stood.

Another spectacular view was offered on the drive down into Anakie of the surround area, which include Geelong. We finish our day at Anakie, some of us even stayed for coffee, custard tarts and a beer.

Sadly for this trip there were no fines and we even managed to finish on time.

Thanks to everyone who attended and made this our first trip as leaders just brilliant. We hope to run another one in the not too distant future when I have less study on my plate.


Peter and Edith Fullalove - Pajero (Leaders)
Stephen Whitaker - Forester
Peter Devine - Forester
Meredith and Mike Dale - Forester
Rick, Jacki and Josh Koster - L Series
Lee Wegner and Duncan McCrae - Forester
Martin and Dot Foot - Forester
Charles and Paula Tam - Prado
Craig Jackson - Forester
Tim Folliard - Landcruiser (40 Series)
Jacinta Kearney - Forester (Visitor)
Lachie O’Brien (Passenger: Ben Burke) - Forester (Visitor)
Anthony Saunders (Passengers: Nyree & Angus) - Jeep (Visitors)


##MD - photos to come