Trivia Night - 8th of August

by Jean Bellis

I started with a table and half of participants for the Trivia Night and by Friday evening prior I was down to 5 participants. Due to illness, people being away etc the numbers fall way. To make up the table I added a couple of other friends.

After Round 1 of General Knowledge questions, our team was in joint first place.

After Round 2 of General Knowledge question we were in second position, half a point behind the leaders.

From there it was down hill, sometimes slowly and sometimes very quickly. Sport was not our strong point and we were the lowest scoring team for that round. On the Music questions we did only slightly better. Our table you would be please to hear do not watch a lot of television or movies so as a consequence we had difficultly when it came to answering questions on either.

We worked well as a team, often being able to get an answer by having our memories jogged by something one of the other team members suggested. We took a few guesses some of which were correct and some were way out. We had some answers that required a number or a year and with most of these we were often one away from the correct answer.

While we didn’t win but finished somewhere in the middle we had a lot of laughs and fun along the way. We enjoyed a wonderful supper and taking part in competitions during the evening.


Jan and Dale Rebgetz
Elaine and Phil Milkins
Mayree and Judy (friends of Jean)
Jean Bellis