Christmas in July (18th)

by Jean Bellis

Christmas in July was again a great night of fun and food. With a few last minute cancellations due to work or health issues we had 22 people attend.

Peter and I had made a trip to the church in the morning to collect a table, chairs, crockery and cutlery. Peter B. had the BBQ’s fired up and the meat on by the time Mike, Meredith and Jan arrived at about 4pm to help set up etc. Dot and Martin had good intentions to arrive early but got delayed.

The meal consisted of roast pork, beef and chicken and roast vegetables.

Every one did an amazing job of clearing the first course away, washing serving platers etc and preparing for desert.
I ask at one table for someone to beat the cream. Edith was very quick to volunteer her husband. The stunned look on Peter’s face was priceless. (Well not quite as Edith was fined for dobbing him in.) Peter D. (there were 3 Peters) quickly offered and we have the photographic evidence to show who got to lick the beaters.

Desert was mini plum puddings with ice-cream, custard or cream (or all 3 if you were some people). Peter B. made a lovely raspberry cheesecake which Andrew refused to eat, as it was too healthy. It had fruit in it.

Door prizes were distributed with Lisa having fun drawing out the announcing of winning tickets.

At the end of the evening as everyone was helping to pack up and move furniture the front door bell rang. When I opened it there was no one there.
Then out from their hiding places grinning like two naughty little boys popped Martin and Steve.

Thank you everyone who came for an evening filled with lots of fun and chatter. Thank you to everyone who assisted in any way on the evening.


Peter and Edith Fullalove
Meredith and Mike Dale
Jan Aylott
Fran and Peter Devine
Lisa and Andrew Jantke
Lee and Duncan McCrae
Jan and Dale Rebgetz
Dot Greiveson and Martin Foot
Stephen Whittaker
Angela and Damian Stock
Paula and Charles Tam
Jean and Peter Bellis


##MD - photos on there way!