by Jamie Scott (Trip Leader)



Late afternoon, a couple of members arrived with both fires going to keep by, but near dark it was too cold to sit outside, so we moved into the BBQ area. It was a lot warmer in there and with tea done it was off to bed.


Most were arriving today by lunch time. After lunch we had planned to go for a couple hours drive/play close by. As we were driving around, we went passed a track and a few said we should have a go. About 2Km away we turned around and went back. Rick and Les drove it just. Peter had a go but could not get up to the wash-out. Rick & Les had fun coming back down (no control, no brakes, just sliding down). Then we heard that a couple more had arrived at camp, so we went back. More wood! with the fire going well and tea cooked we all sat around fire. We had a visitor, Cassie, came out to meet the members. She has got a Forester and would like to do some modifications to it, eg lift kit. Cassie stayed until about 11pm before heading home (she lives close by). l hope she enjoyed herself and hope she come out one day for a drive or maybe even join the club.


7 o’clock there sound outside; 8.30am looking good; but it was around 9am when we left. Headed in to fuel up (for some) and up to Rawson to meet Peter and Katie for the day out. With a loo stop / cuppa off we went. We drove out to the Thomson Dam below the wall to air down ready for the day. First up was a river crossing, not too deep and we climbed up Beardmore Track to the main rd, around to Merrington’s Flat for lunch. With lunch over, we crossed the river to go up Williamson Spur Track - it was a good steep climb all the way to the top. At the end we turned down onto Army Track. From here it’s down to Store Point for a rest and a cuppa and a look around. From here it was back out to follow Donnelly’s Creek along to O’Tooles Flat for a look and along to where we had lunch. One more steep climb to finish off the day and back to the Thomson Dam picnic area to air up for the drive back. “Bloody cold!”, some one said. l think by all in the end. Now it was dark we had to be back by 6.30pm. A few off us went back to camp to get the fire going and then off for tea at the pub with a nice meal. Once done, back to camp. The fire was going well. l said, “more wood”, so we all sat around the fire and more wood was added. There was lots of talk about the day and morning. There was lot of interesting talk and a few jokes aside. It was good to see all members enjoy the night. “More wood!”. It was a very late night for some.


With a good sleep in for all, it was around 9.30am by the time we were all up and out with a slow easy pack-up. One by one they left (Graeme and Kerry Gill stayed for one more night). We had tea and l was off to bed. l was back up at 5.45am on Tuesday ready for work. As l drove out, l should have tooted the horn a few times for a wake call (but l didn’t). Thank you to all that came along for the weekend l hope you enjoyed it, thanks Jamie

Thank you to Graham & Kerry for tea and locking up for me on Tuesday. Bev & Gwen for tea Saturday night. Rick & Josh for their assistance on the Sunday trip




Jamie Scott (Landcruiser)

Graham & Kerry Gill (Outback)

Les Scott (Suboo & Ford ute)

Stephen Whittaker (Forester)

Rick & Josh Koster (L series)

Peter & Katie Mynard (L series)

Bev Davison, Gwen & Splash the dog (Forester)

Dave, Justin & Anthony Wilson (Landcruiser)

Peter & Edith Fullalove (Pajero)

Charles & Paula Tam (Prado)

Visitor: Cassie (Forester)